Yet Another Approach

School library. A cute girl passes by and I say “hi.” She smiles and says hi back and, as she keeps walking, she mentions that she might have met me before at New Student Orientation. I don’t exactly remember, but she keeps walking and sits at a computer. It definitely looks like she won’t be staying long on the terminal so I just linger outside of the library for five minutes waiting for her to come out so I can make conversation. As she comes out I make it appear that I too am walking out and just accidentally manage to run into her and I say “so did we really meet at Orientation? Because I don’t remember” and she’s like “yea, remember? blah blah  blah .” Clearly this is opening–and the only reason I am capable of talking to her that spontaneously is because of her false recognition of me. Whatever–an opportunity is an opportunity. I ask her how she likes the school so far (she transferred in, like myself) and she says she likes it fine and is studying Communications and hopes to go into broadcasting.

She then says she’s got class, and here I become bold and suggest that me and her grab a bite sometime at the dining area, and she agrees.

But she says that she doesn’t want to give me her number because she is replacing her cell soon–so I give her my number and when she’s finished writing it I become bold again and say “yea…I’d really love to get know you” and that makes her smile and we part ways.

She seemed like a nice person so I don’t really want to believe that the cell-phone thing was a ruse to get out giving me her number, but I don’t think it’s likely that she’ll randomly call me up to grab a bite.

Still, I tried.


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