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Textbook hilarity

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2009 by shesaidno

I’m taking a probability course that is using Kenneth Ross’s “A First Course in Probability.” Reading about Independent Events from the book last night I came across this example:

If we let E denote the event that the next president is a Republican and F the event that there will be a major earthquake within the next year, then most people would probably be willing to assume that E and F are independent. However, there would probably be some controversy over whether it is reasonable to assume that E is independent of G, where G is the event that there will be a major war within two years after the election.



Avoidant Personality Disorder

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2009 by shesaidno

My complete and utter lack of game may stem from the fact that I might have an “Avoidant Personality Disorder.”

Here are the symptoms:

  • Hypersensitivity to criticism or rejection
  • Self-imposed social isolation
  • Extreme shyness in social situations, though feels a strong desire for close relationships[6]
  • Avoids physical contact because it has been associated with an unpleasant or painful stimulus
  • Avoids interpersonal relationships
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Severe low self-esteem
  • Self loathing
  • Mistrust of others
  • Extreme shyness/timidity
  • Emotional distancing related to intimacy
  • Highly self-conscious
  • Self-critical about their problems relating to others
  • Loss of self-identity
  • Problems in occupational functioning
  • Lonely self-perception
  • Feeling inferior to others
  • Chronic substance abuse/dependence[7]
  • Investment in fixed fantasies
  • Among those, these either don’t apply to me or only partly apply:

    Self-imposed social isolation (my social isolation stems mostly from lack of opportunity rather than it being self-imposed…though I do find myself avoiding social situations sometimes.)

    Avoids physical contact because it has been associated with an unpleasant or painful stimulus (No. Just no.)

    Loss of self-identity (Either it doesn’t apply to me or I don’t understand the symptom.)

    Chronic substance abuse/dependence (Absolutely not.)

    Investment in fixed fantasies (Nah.)

    But I can say “yes” to all the other symptoms. Is it a chicken and egg situation? Do these conditions of mine stem from my lack of success with chicks or do these conditions cause that lack of success? The latter seems more probable. Maybe I’m just genetically incapable of successful game…

    I once actually tried to game this girl

    Posted in Uncategorized on February 16, 2009 by shesaidno

    My total interactions with her never lasted more than 45 seconds,  and she was quite cold and I was dejected for about a week. But I didn’t know she was a model.

    A girl from Bosnia keeps giving me Indications of Interest

    Posted in Hope on February 16, 2009 by shesaidno

    I am in a class in which the students frequently have a back and forth with the teacher and I can’t help but be very vocal. I guess I caught the attention of a certain girl in the class from Bosnia–every time she encounters me outside of the classroom she is elated and eager to stop and chat with me. Last time she flat out said “man, I really like you!” I wish I could like her too…but she’s plain. I want a chick who’s at least somewhat cute, you know?

    I have not made the effort to approach a girl since the last two entries. Maybe I should change that.